Special Offer

For a limited time, Ergo360 is offering a partial refund (up to $50 maximum per customer) in exchange for well written web content that links back to the Ergo360.Com homepage. All refund amounts are determined exclusively by Ergo360. Refunds may be partial up to the total price paid for a product but not greater. The current offer will run until 20 customers have qualified for partial or complete refunds. This offer only applies to products shipped within the USA. To qualify the following criteria must be met:

1) You must purchase a product from Ergo360.Com. Then, if you are happy with your purchase, create some web content.

2) Your content and link to Ergo360.Com must be well written and favorable to the promotion of an Ergo360 product. Your content and link must be publicly viewable and not limited to a small group. Your content and link can be published to a variety of options such as: website page, youtube video, blog post, social media, magazine, or trade journal. Your content and link must be published outside of Ergo360.Com. We will not publish the content for you. Your content may include things like: before and after pictures of your chair project, a review, comments about installation, comments about product quality, description of the problem that was solved, comments about customer service, etc. Content must be original, created by you, and not copied from another source. Poor quality, negative, plagiarized, and obscene content will not be considered.

3) Your content must be reviewed and confirmed by Ergo360. You must send us a link to your content through our contact page. Your content/link must be submitted to Ergo360 for approval within 30 days after purchase. Your content/link will be reviewed and a refund will be determined and processed within 2 weeks after approval. Ergo360 may request correction to any inaccuracy in content/link prior to approving.

4) This refund opportunity is currently limited to once per customer. It is furthermore limited to once per general shipping and billing address. Ergo360 reserves the right to determine the amount of all such refunds. The maximum refund amount is the value of a single ordered product or $50, whichever is lesser. Any such refund provided is one time only. No further value considerations extend beyond this limited offer, regardless whether or not Ergo360 receives future web traffic from customer generated content and links. Content and link should remain publicly viewable for at least 6 months.

If you have any questions about this special offer, please reach us through our contact page.