Ultra-Soft Adhesive Gel Armrest Pads - Super Easy Installation - Set Of 2

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  • Gel Armrest Pads Sold In Sets Of 2 For Office Chairs And Many Other Applications
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Gel Armrest Pad Description:
Each ultra soft gel pad (3" Wide x 8" Long x 1/2" Thick) delivers instant comfort to your elbows, arms and wrists. They are made with medical quality gel and covered in a soft, durable, black fabric. With its reusable adhesive technology, the attractively designed gel pads can be applied to clean hard surfaces. Not recommended for use on fabric or any delicate surface. The bottom adhesive is a harder version of the gel and provides the right amount of adhesion, but can be easily removed without leaving sticky residue. The gel pads are flexible and the adhesive technology allows you to easily reposition them as needed. Super simple installation. Offered here as complete sets of 2, not single pieces. Pricing is per pair. Specify a quantity of 1 for 1 set, 2 for 2 sets... etc. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Gel Armrest Pad Features/Benefits:

  • Ultra soft gel that mimics the soft density of muscle, providing excellent comfort and support. Premium 1/2 Inch thick cushions.
  • Superior gel elasticity and rebound. Conforms to the body without bottoming out or deforming.
  • The gel pads have breathable black surface fabric and a pebble texture to promote cooling airflow.
  • Gel pad adhesive can be applied to clean hard surfaces. Not recommended for use on delicate surfaces. Test on a small inconspicuous area first.
  • Reusable adhesive allows for relocation and repositioning specific to your needs. Easy removal with no sticky residue.
  • The bottom adhesive is a harder version of the gel. It provides the right amount of adhesion so the gel pads stay where you put them. They do not use tape to adhere.
  • Apply to clean hard surfaces, just peel the cover from the back of a gel pad and stick it in place.
  • Hand washable and the adhesive can be restored with rubbing alcohol, delivering a long product life.
  • Quality that you can feel as soon as you remove it from the package.
  • The materials and adhesive are flexible and conform nicely. Travel with them and use anywhere. Long lasting comfort and support.
  • Surface Fabric: soft, durable, black, stretches to transfer the cushioning properties of the ultra-soft gel.
  • Dimensions: Each gel pad is 3 Inches Wide X 8 Inches Long X 1/2 Inch Thick. 
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2 Reviews

  • 3
    One doesn't stick very well.

    Posted by Dylan on Jul 26th 2020

    One doesn't stick well at all. It slides around and when the arm is turned upside down (I have an office chair where the arms flip over) it falls off. The other sticks really well and doesn't move at all and even sticks upside down.

  • 5
    Perfect fit.

    Posted by Greg on Jul 18th 2018

    My armrests that are deficient in adequate padding and make my elbows sore. These pads are the perfect length and width to pad my elbows.

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